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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 10th

First Screen Viewing

Flames vs. Lightning – 6:30

The term “Final Preview” gets tossed around a bit too much. The Lightning probably should have been a Final team last year, but ran into Braden Holtby (though the dunderheads of NHL analysis will tell you it was because they weren’t tough enough, because that’s always the default, horseshit excuse). The Flames might have to negotiate Vegas and then San Jose before even getting to a conference final. But on the shortlist of teams that will be expected to go deep into May, these two are definitely on it. The Lightning have gotten to their why-should-we-give-a-shit phase of the season, dropping a couple games they normally wouldn’t. The Flames still seem insistent on playing Mike Smith for a some reason. But this one should have both teams’ attention tonight.

Second Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Avalanche – 8pm

The Leafs are swinging out west for a bit, and though the Avs are collapsing to the point that they’re around the Hawks in the standings, they at least can run with the Leafs for a period or two. Should be a lot of goals in this one because neither team has a goalie playing all that well at the moment. Feels like a 6-4 here.

Other Games

Islanders vs. Sabres – 6pm

Stars vs. Panthers – 6pm

Capitals vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Hurricanes vs. Sabres – 6:30

Devils vs. Blues – 7pm

Red Wings vs. Predators – 7pm

Flyers vs. Wild – 7pm

Rangers vs. Jets – 7pm

Coyotes vs Knights – 9pm

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