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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – December 28th

First Screen Viewing

Bruins vs. Capitals – 6pm

Again, I may not understand it, but these are two of the six teams in the automatic spots in the East, and the Bruins have been possibly the best team in the league the past month. The only teams that can better their 8-1-1 mark over the last 10 are the Lightning, which are unfortunately for them in the same division, and the Knights Who Say Vegas, because hockey is stupid and weird and barely follows the laws of physics. Charlie MacAvoy just might be that good, Patrice Bergeron most certainly is, so that’s just where we are now. The Caps are the Caps, and are atop the handcuffed battle-royale that is the Metro Division. These aren’t the plodding Bruins anymore, so this one should get get get up and get get down…

Second Screen Viewing

Flames vs. Sharks – 9:30 pm

The Sharks, despite being three days older than water, sit third in the Pacific Division, patiently waiting for the Kings and Knights balloon to finally burst. Maybe it’s just not going to happen, maybe the Sharks don’t have the gumption to surge when it does, but whether they need to or not, there they are. The Flames are where they are, which is behind the Hawks in the wild card chase, because they don’t score much and Mike Smith has gotten worse every month. Which is pretty discouraging when the season still has three months plus to go. Still, the Flames might want to kick it into gear soon, as the Oilers are appearing in the rearview and considering how much laughing the southern half did at the northern half of Alberta, that would be quite the foot in the mouth/ass.

Other Games

Canadiens vs. Lightning – 6:30

Flyers vs. Panthers – 6:30

Maple Leafs vs. Coyotes – 8pm

Golden Knights vs. Kings – 9pm (Yes, I do refuse to take these teams seriously yet. Why do you ask?)

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