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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – December 12th

First Screen Viewing

Lighting vs. Blues – 7pm

A top of the table clash. This would one have even more space if Jaden Schwartz weren’t on his regular injury absence, but that hasn’t stopped the Blues from winning four in a row. There’s still a temptation to say, “Yeah, but it’s the Blues.” And that won’t go away until they do something that anyone will remember other than spitting up all over themselves when it counts. But it’s a new coach, a good one, and there’ s certainly a lot of talent here. This will be a marker of sorts for them. The Lightning have no such questions. They’ve been here before, this lineup is stacked, and their leading of the East isn’t really much of a surprise. If the weakness of the Blues is their defense, and anything with Jabe O’Meester on it has to be considered a weakness, then the Bolts’ firepower should break through. Finally, NBCSN gets one right.

Second Screen Viewing

Kings vs. Devils – 6pm

It’s hard to believe that these are two teams at the top of their divisions, but here we are. The Devils should sink any moment now, and seem on their way. The Kings might be the real deal, as they’re here without Jeff Carter and Kopitar remains back to form.

Other Games

Senators vs. Sabres – 6pm

Leafs vs. Flyers – 6pm

Avalanche vs. Capitals – 6pm

Oilers vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Flames vs. Wild – 7pm

Canes vs. Knights – 9pm

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