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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – December 11th

First Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Hurricanes – 6pm

The team that should have really put the hard press on John Tavares hosts the one that got him. The Canes haven’t really had the surge you keep expecting from them, except we’ve been expecting that surge for like three years. The Leafs have dropped off the pace of the Lightning, everyone has, but are on the verge of holding off the Sabres. The Canes are already five points off the pace for a playoff spot so they need whatever higher gear they’re hoping for now. Two deep teams here so this one should be hammer and tongs…as much as any game in December can be.

Second Screen Viewing

Oilers vs. Avalanche – 8pm

The Oilers have had the dead cat bounce from a new coach that the other teams that fired their coach haven’t managed. They’ve toned things down obviously under Ken Hitchcock, concentrating things on their own end as is his way. The Avs are maybe the big entertainers of the league, and certainly have the one line that is.  The Avs are currently cleaving the assumed Preds-Jets Axis in the Central, so at some point they have to be taken very seriously.

Other Games

Kings vs. Sabres – 6pm

Coyotes vs. Bruins – 6pm

Canucks vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Red Wings vs. Capitals – 6:30

Panthers vs. Blues – 7pm

Senators vs. Predators – 7pm

Canadiens vs. Wild – 7pm

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