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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – April 1st

First Screen Viewing

Avalanche vs. Blues – 7pm

We’re into the nitty-gritty now, and while there isn’t too much riding on this one it’s at least two teams playing well. The Avs still have some work to do to clinch a playoff spot, as the Yotes are only a point behind. But the Avs have at least culled the field to only Arizona. The Blues aren’t completely clear of the Stars in fourth, but they have a game in hand and a three-point lead. And a matchup with the Jets or Preds doesn’t make much difference. And the Blues have won five of six including toppling Tampa and Vegas in that streak. Kind of a clash of styles here, as the Avs attempt to get up and go and the Blues are just obstinate.

Second Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Islanders – 6pm

This is more about teams arresting recent slides, though the Islanders still have seeing to figure out. They’re either going to be second or third it’s starting to look like, as they’re two up on the Penguins but the Capitals have gotten away at the top of the division. After trading wins and losses for most of the month, the Isles have won four of five. Meanwhile, maybe partly because they’ve been entrenched to a matchup with the Bruins for weeks now, have just been muddling at best. They’ve gone 3-7 in their last 10, and losing to the Senators twice. Which has sent Leafs Nation into hyesteri….well, further hysterics than they usually find themselves. More clash of styles here, as the Leafs run up against the Trotz wall.

Other Games

Capitals vs. Panthers – 6pm

Rangers vs. Devils – 6pm

Lightning vs. Senators – 6:30

Oilers vs. Knights – 8pm

Flames vs. Kings – 9pm

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