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While I wasn’t paying attention, Hawks single tickets went on sale today. And it allows us to make fun of something that might not even be going on, which is fans complaining that they’re being priced out by what the Hawks are charging. Most people get it, though from my post outside Gate 3 during the season, I hear this a lot more than we do at the blog and on our twitter.

Hey, we’d all like to go to as many games as possible, and even finding tickets for that is hard, much less being able to afford them. But I think we’re all familiar with the idea of supply and demand. And after years and years of listening to people bitch that Cubs tickets cost this much and they win this much less, it’s hard to argue with the bang for your buck you get out of the money spent on Hawks tickets.

But just for fun, I decided to poke around to see how the Hawks prices compare with some of the other preeminent teams in the league. Some haven’t put their single game tickets on sale yet, so it’s a little hard to compare. But I’ll do my best. For this, I’ll use my seats in the 2nd tier of the 30o Level, which are $54 for season tickets and somewhere around $107 for single games.

The equivalent Rangers seat is $76 per game for season tickets, single games haven’t gone on sale yet.

Flyers: $51 for season ticket, single games not out yet.

Maple Leafs: Forget it.

Canadiens: It’s a little hard to judge as they have about 50 different pricing sections and two different categories for games, but they look to be $61 and $95 for individual tickets. They’re $63 for season tickets.

Kings: Look to be about $30 for season tickets, though where the Kings fall in the L.A. sports market still is far different from where the Hawks are here.

Bruins and Penguins single tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, and I wasn’t able to find season ticket info, but in the past both have been right in line with the Hawks.

For shits and giggles, I thought I’d compare the price to other forms of entertainment in the city as well.

Goodman and Steppenwolf Theater: $25-$60

Bulls Season Ticket: $38

Shakespeare Theater: $78

The Eagles at The UC: $78,095

There are other avenues of entertainment, I get it. But I thought these were comparable. So the Hawks may skew to the high side of the spectrum in both the NHL and entertainment overall (I can’t believe there came a day when they would be more expensive and more in demand than Bulls tickets, honestly. Though that will change with one run to the Finals with Derrick Rose, I’m sure), it’s hardly scandalous.

Look, it’d be great if every single Hawks fan got to go to a few games. But that’s not how these things work. More than half the seats are taken by season ticket holders, and of course the remaining 8-10k are gobbled up quickly. It’s more the dearth of tickets to be found frustrating than the price.

Of course, the argument that gets thrown at me is that such and such now can’t afford to take his family to the game and blah blah blah. Well, A) if three humps like McClure, Killion, and myself can get it together to get to at least 12-15 games each, most people should find a way as well and B) having a family is the kind of decision you make where you sacrifice the freedom of going to a hockey game whenever you want. Or so I should think. And if you seriously can’t cobble together a couple hundred bucks every three months or so to take your boy or girl to a Hawks game…..then maybe it’s time you made some changes.


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