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The Ivy Drip – Sam’s New Cubs Digital Weekly

If you’ll allow me to sidetrack for a moment (if that can be used as a verb). With Opening Day two weeks away, today I’d like to announce a new venture I’m undertaking. It’s called “The Ivy Drip”, and it’s my new Cubs Digital Weekly.

I know you Sox fans out there, or you baseball agnostics, are rolling your eyes. That’s totally fair. I usually mourn my Cubs fandom as much as a cherish it. I’m told that’s what it’s like to be Catholic. But anyway, for those that are still reading, let me go on.

This is not me writing “The Committed Idonije” just to kill time and as kind of a joke. As much as a I love the Hawks, as much as 6/9/10 might be the best night of my life, my first love has always been, and will always be, The Northside 9. As ridiculous as that sounds to some of you, I get it. It’s brought nothing but pain and derision. But then, so has most of my life.

This is something I’ve wanted to do since I started the CI. And thanks to your support for these five seasons, and especially this one, I feel that now is the time to try.

What will it be? Well, it’s going to be a little different than The Indian. First of all, it’s going to be a weekly, not a game program. I thought about trying to print out an actual program for every home series, and that’s something that’s still on the table in the future. But for now, it’s only going to be online, and come out every Monday. Because of that, it’s going to be in full color, too. So my photoshops should look even worse!

From there? I guess I’ll find out with you. The same wit, vulgarity, and satirical thought is making the trip for this, that I can assure you. The same analysis as well. We’ll wrap up the week that was, preview the pitching matchups for the upcoming week, break down some sabermetric stuff for you, visit with other bloggers, and of course make fun of Ryan Braun’s herpes.

I’ve got some of the best Cubs bloggers joining up for this. Cubs Den, Hire Jim Essian, Obstructed View are all coming for the ride. Some of our hockey friends are also going to come along (at least I hope), but you can probably expect to see Slaky, Hack, Fork, and some others in these pages as well. Maybe if we can roll Killion on to his back long enough, he’ll join in at some point too.

There’s a WordPress site for it – theivydrip.wordpress.com. Also my baseball tweets over the summer will come from @CubsIvyDrip. So maybe Kills and I will argue from separate feeds for once.

You can sign up the same way you did for the Indian. By just hitting the button on the top right of the page. There will be 25 of these, every Monday. A whole season subscription will cost you just $30.

Will this work? I have no idea. But I know I’m going to have fun finding out. I hope you will too, I couldn’t be more excited about this….even if the Cubs are going to be awful again.

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