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All That’s Left – Hawks 3, Wings 3 (Hawks Win Mayoral Runoff)

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Perhaps the most damning evidence of what this “rivalry” has become is that none of the four of us watched anywhere close to the entirety of this game, while the Wings Blogosphere is filling their diapers about the refereeing in the game as if this season isn’t completely lost for them anyway. Let’s piece all this together.


  • Generally when the Hawks get their goal scoring from places other than the marquee names, bad things go happen. And that could have very well ended up being the case tonight with Richard Panik, Tanner Kero, and what’s left of Brian Campbell providing the regulation scoring. And generally when a game gets to the joke that is 3 on 3 it’s going to be a prime contributor who’s out there, and Duncan Keith didn’t miss despite not having a fantastic game during regulation.
  • It’s inexcusable for Peter Mrazek to not stop that shot, though. He was unscreened and Duncan Keith, while a Hall of Famer, isn’t exactly known for his laser accuracy or blistering velocity. But this is part of why the Wings are where they are.
  • Six more years of Justin Abdelkader. Enjoy.
  • That being said, the Wings aren’t bereft of talent up front, with Athanasiou of course providing the Fels Motherfuck tonight after the Q&A this afternoon. But holy shit is that blue line bad. Niklas Kronwall and his elbows and stupid fuck visor are going to be 36 this week, and that’s really the only thing they’ve got. Good luck indeed.
  • It’s flatly hilarious that Wings fans would be carping about the officiating in this game, a) as if they weren’t the beneficiaries of the biggest bullshit call in the history of these two teams in 2013, and b) this season weren’t already over. They need their Tyler Durden with the lye moment, to know and accept that they will not be playing this spring. And if that’s going to be the case, they should hope to lose every game possible from here on out.
  • Now that the Hawks have done what they were supposed to do (albeit in less than enthralling fashion), they’ll head to Washington on Friday and get a better bearing on just how much they’re going to need in six weeks. Onward.