Everything Else

That time again. How will we fill the time without real hockey but without talking to the people we love or scraping Killion off the sidewalk? Maybe you’ll find answers here…


Hogs v. Wolves – Well, it’s as close as you’re gonna get, Boyo. It’s Friday night and it’s hockey on an actual TV channel if you live in the area (My50). So no drunken scoreboard feeds on a tiny window on your computer, no-sireee-bob. If you have a couple pops and squint real hard, it might even look like the hockey you’re used to. And you won’t even have to squint that hard when Leddy is getting overpowered behind his own net. If he even plays. This one goes at 7pm tonight. You can also watch Oshawa and Guelph from the OHL on NHLN, if you don’t come with some sort of trigger that alerts you to it being totally weird to watch children play hockey. If you don’t, I’m not sure I want to know you.