Everything Else

TVR, as I think we’re now legally bound to call him, won last year’s race to be the player Q falls in love with during training camp, sometimes just to prove how much smarter he is than anyone else. He joined such luminaries as Michael Kostka, Aaron Johnson, Nick Boynton, Jordan Hendry, Sean O’Donnell, John Scott, and probably one or two others I’ve forgotten to preserve my own sanity. And then TVR got hurt before he could prove whether he was just like those or the others, and during his injury layoff watched basically a clown car try and fill the role he had for all of 18 games so that a large section of the fans and media turned those 15 games into something Larry Robinson would be jealous of or something.

So we head into this season, and anyone who says they know exactly what van Riemsdyk is going to provide is either lying to you or to themselves or both.