Now that the calendar has turned over from 2020, training camps across the league are now open, and the Men Of Four Feathers hit this ice this morning for their first practice of what will surely be many over the next week-plus where they will finally hone their man-to-man defensive zone coverage skills under the […]
Oh I got football thoughts, buddy. We’ve been here before. No matter who you follow, or what you’ve come here to read, you know. The comparisons ran all last season. The ’08-’09 Hawks. The 2015 Cubs. And now the 2018 Bears. Seasons that went far better than expected, teams filled with young(ish) stars announcing themselves […]
Everything Else
If you haven’t seen it, the Trib today ran a profile of the Erie County DA who will be handling this case, if it becomes a case, Frank Sedita III. I’m almost certainly in above my head when discussing the nuances here, and this post probably best serves as a launch point for the various lawyers […]
Everything Else
Leahy looks at the new deal, including the end of 12/26 at the UC: PD Here are the 26 in camp: BH Does Bolland to 2C feel a little like Hester to WR to anyone else?: ESPNChi Want to make me happy, here’s an idea WIN GAMES: CSN The farm is fairly stocked: HF A […]
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