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Andy Boron from DieByTheBlade.com was kind enough to answer some questions for us. On Twitter @DieByTheBlade.

Obviously, we’ll start with Jack Eichel. Not getting the press of some other rookies, but 26 points in 40 games is hardly embarrassing. First impressions of your new idol?

Honestly, after watching the 2008-2014 versions of the Sabres that didn’t feature a single superstar forward (Thomas Vanek is a questionable star) watching Eichel is almost indescribable. For a 19-year old rookie, he shows incredible hockey skills, is so unbelievably smooth with the puck, skates like a madman, has a great personality, and has tallied at least 12 incredible goal or assist highlights this season. He’s such a breath of fresh air for Sabres fans that it makes the team’s 29th place standing right now almost inconsequential. Seriously, nobody complains about losses as long as Eichel or one of the other young stars has a strong showing.