Everything Else

I won’t put “trigger warning” at the top of this, but “soccer warning” instead. It’s a summer Friday, so let’s get a little loose and I know a lot of you aren’t the footy fan I am.

After three parades in six seasons, it’s almost easy to forget, even for a lifelong fan like me, just how dark the days were for the Hawks and their fans in the late 90s and basically all of the first decade of this century. It might as well have occurred in a different lifetime, and for a lot of Hawks fans, it did.

But to be reminded, I only need to look at another sports team in town, who are seemingly in the exact same position, except their owner hasn’t pickled his own liver and pretty much entire body and thus probably isn’t a death risk like the Old Man was. It’s the Chicago Fire. You might not have heard of them, even if you’re a soccer fan. They sure haven’t made much of an effort to get you to notice, that’s for sure.