Everything Else

A couple randoms while we wait for the draft to begin and the real movement to start.

-On Twitter this week, I’ve seen repeated calls for the Cup to be at Pride Parade again, as it was after the 2010 victory, brought by Brent Sopel and his family. I totally agree with this, of course, it would be a lovely gesture. I’ve also seen people just begging for the Hawks to bring it to any bar south of Roosevelt, and I get that as well. I think there’s a difference between where the players bring it on their nights out and where the organization has like, official visits or whatever. It would be great if the players brought it down to Beverly (I think I can think of one particular family that would be excited by that) or Bridgeport. But when they’re on their nights out and just looking to get drunk and party, it’s up to them what they want to do with it.

But you know what I really would have liked to see in the days after the victory? Rocky and McD bringing the Cup to one of our more blighted neighborhoods, like Englewood or Garfield Park (given its proximity to the UC and all). There’s a few reasons for this.