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Chief_Blue_Meanie vs. 250px-Ozymandias

FACEOFF: 7:30pm

TV/RADIO For Sox Fans: WGN for both


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Blue Jackets War On Ice

Ah yes, the return of General Saad to the United Center after a distinguished three year… well, two and a half year stay in Chicago. No one does pomp like the Hawks. Even Dan Fucking Carcillo got one, so Saad can expect an over the top scoreboard treatment and ovation at the first TV timeout, while somewhere Brian Campbell, who was a Hawk just as long and his salute consisted of Pat Foley scoffing at him on air, wonders why he never got the same treatment. While there will be stories about what a shame it is that Saad is no longer a Hawk, essentially in the end everyone won in the summer. The Hawks made what very well might turn out to be a good hockey trade, getting two useful pieces for one, while Saad got very very rich. But never let that get in the way of emotions. The juxtaposition of a team hailing a player they were never quite sold on is certainly delicious.

Everything Else

The Conference Final is where it feels like the warm up acts are off and the headliner has taken the stage It’s serious now, maybe because you’re halfway home and each successive win brings you closer to the end than the beginning (which I guess is always true but now you’re over the line). There’s only one game per night, usually, so you have the attention of the whole hockey world throughout the series. Even though this is the fifth time in the last seven years the Hawks have gotten this far, there’s still a tinge or an uptick in the excitement when they do. And for the fourth straight trip, they’ll be heading back to Cali.

What will they find when they get there? Today we start to find out…