Everything Else

It’s late at night when the demons come, so you’ll excuse me for just writing something (even though it will pop up in the morning on your feeds and browsers). But hey, I feel like venting, and you’ve allowed that before. Some of what follows are my own personal views, I don’t expect all or even most of you to agree. That’s fine. It’s healthy, even.

Just tonight, I’ve seen so many adjectives thrown around to describe this mess. Over these incomprehensible 110 days, the number of words used is probably immeasurable. None of them are pleasant or complimentary or easy to read.

Stupid, arrogant, deaf, immoral, impure, silly, absurd, we could go on. And it’s not that they’re incorrect. But all these adjectives are grown out of something else. They are the result, not the cause. There’s only one word at the bottom of it all, festering in tainted soil and poisoning all that comes out of it.


Everything Else

It’s the same call I made in October. I return to you, players, to do so once again.

I ask this of you not because I’m not sympathetic to your cause. From the word go I have found what the owners are doing to you disgusting, obstinate, and absurd. The thought of Gary Bettman smiling, having a cigar and a brandy while slapping the back of Jeremy Jacobs and Murray Edwards over a job well done makes me want to vomit up lunch from two days ago, then eat it up just so I can vomit it up again. I know it makes you feel that way.

But sometimes doing the honorable thing is one that is odorous to every sense. And this is starting to feel like one of those times.