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Game Time: 7:00PM CDT
TV/Radio: NBCSN, TVA-S, WGN-AM 720
Noah Didn’t Take No Penguins With Him On The Ark: PensBurgh

Once again the Hawks find themselves a part of NBCSN’s RIVALRY NIGHT with a team they see a sum total of twice a year. The network should just call the event “Wednesday Night Hockey” and play up the rivalry when there actually is one. Though, to much of rockheaded fanbase of this league, there is still somehow a “rivalry” between the captains of these two teams, even though it’s long been established that the one on the Penguins’ side of things is far and away the better player. But a superstar matchup is a superstar matchup, even this late in the season when most of the playoff picture has been settled and teams like this are basically trying to not get hurt.

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Game Time: 9:00PM Central
TV/Radio: WGN, CBC, TVA2, WGN-AM 720
Rural Alberta Advantage: Copper & Blue, Oilers Nation

The Hawks’ Circus Trip makes its second stop tonight, this time a little bit further north in Alberta to take on the Oilers, who are currently in year 8 (thousand) of their rebuild. This will be the Hawks’ first of two to Edmonton this year, and the first chance to appreciate the odd lighting, backwards benches and penalty boxes, and the interminable prattle about how fast the ice is (it’s fast).