Everything Else

There is a certain satisfaction in this matchup and coming out clearly on the better end of it–though the talent gap played a huge part. But here you have the possession-conscious Hawks and the possession-dismissive Leafs, and look what happened. The Hawks pretty much rolled them, even though it was a tie game for about half the occasion. It’s like a vision of where the sport was and where it is and where it’s going. Or maybe I’m just feeling like reading too deeply into things, because fuck me this Commodore Perry IPA is good.

After a pretty nondescript 1st period, the Hawks slowly exerted more and more authoritah’ over proceedings and eventually choked the Leafs out in a Million Dollar Dream. Oh sure, there were a couple moments in the 3rd, but not the onslaught the Hawks had been seeing at times this season (a malady that did affect them early last year as well, but was covered up by OT and shootout wins instead of losses).

Let’s get to bulletin’!