Everything Else

I had wanted to do our usual Friday thing during the summer, and write some smartass preview of Sunday’s Euro 2016 Final and a wrap of the tournament. I can’t find that note within me. I thought about other things I could do to stick in the “Friday Foofaraw” category. I can’t find that either.

I know a lot of have been annoyed and disappointed with us over the past year, not that we addressed serious things that needed addressing, but that we let our anger spread into other posts that had nothing to do with those. I understand. Distraction, at times, is important. Laughter is always important. That’s what some of you have come here for for years. And I’m mostly happy to provide it. Today, it’s just not there.

The events of the past few days have left me with a terribly ill feeling that we are a society on the verge of collapse, if we haven’t flung ourselves over the edge with arms spread already.