Everything Else

Last night, during the 3rd period I tweeted that I wondered if the “GET LOUD!” graphic that runs every game at that time would insult real Blackhawks fans, and whether or not there were any of them in the building. This angered a few people, and after taking a night to think about it I totally understand why.

The term “real fans” was a poor choice, especially coming from me who has spent a good portion of my seven plus years doing this writing about how newer fans, or ones derided as “bandwagon” were nothing to be feared or loathed, and were also a byproduct of a successful team. You can’t really have the latter without the former. And I don’t recall any of the 5,000 of us who were there in 2006 and talking amongst ourselves particularly enjoying it, except for maybe the shorter lines in the bathrooms. It was hypocritical of me for sure.