Series Recap: Sox Lose 2 of 3 to A’s – End of the Road


White Sox 4 – Athletics 1

White Sox 3 – Athletics 5

White Sox 4 – Athletics 6


And with that, this weird ass season for the Sox comes to a close. I’m trying to muster up the energy to be pissed off about it, but I’m coming up empty. You could see coming into this series how thin the margin for error for the Sox was, and it bled right over that line in games 2 and 3. Operating as shorthanded as they were bore the expected results, but the Sox battled the entire time and they deserve a lot of credit for that.

Without a doubt this team is on the verge of being something very special, and almost juggernaut-esque. Will the front office do what needs to be done to plug the holes going forward? I wish I felt more positive about it, because their track record with such things looks more like Jeff Keppinger than George Springer.

One last time into the breach, dear friends!



-Tim Anderson, ladies and gentleman. He was an unholy force at the plate this series, and only just missed out on his 2nd batting title in a row. Not only did he shake the regression monster, he hauled off and kicked it right in the dick. Good for him.

-Jose Abreu was amazing in game 1, then suddenly couldn’t get the big hit in games 2 and 3. Such is baseball, but it shouldn’t take away at all from an MVPito caliber season from the captain. Love him.

-Nick Madrigal…not a great game two. Cost the team some runs that loomed large at the end with some mental mistakes. He’s clearly not a finished product yet, but when he is…he’s gonna annoy the shit out of opposing teams for a very long time. Patience, grasshopper.

-Dallas Keuchel had a stinker at the worst possible time. Not much you can do.

-Ricky Renteria is gonna take a lot of heat for the use of the pen in game 3, but he was only playing the hand Hahn dealt him. If Crochet doesn’t get hurt there, it’s an entirely different ballgame. Speaking of, let us all hope that the forearm strain is just that, and not a harbinger of TJ surgery like it normally is. The kid has some Stuff.

-Poor Eloy. He deserved so much better than having his foot let him down this postseason.

-Lucas Giolito is the ace of this team, and anyone who can’t acknowledge that needs therapy.

-Nomar Mazara was not actively terrible this series. I’d like to think his Rona infection (let’s be honest, we all know he had it) affected his game more than he let on, so hopefully he can battle it out for a starting position next year with whoever Hahn doesn’t sign.

-Yoan Moncada is a warrior. Get healthy, young man.


Shorter wrap then normal. I’ll be back after the World Series to break down the Sox roster and talk about who should stay and who should go. Until then, you guys all stay safe and enjoy the postseason baseball that’s being gifted to us. It’s been a really fun season, and a bright spot for me in an otherwise dumpster fire of a year. I wanna thank everyone who took the time to read this stuff, and I appreciate every single one of y’all. Also thanks to Matt McClure and the FFUD hierarchy for letting me continue to write here. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope to continue in the future.