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Screw It, Let’s Go Whole Hog: Do You Want To Write About The Bears And NFL For Us?

Well, we’ve already taken the first step, so why not just keep going? In an effort to expand our output and make you, dear subscriber, feel like we’re giving you everything you might want (or definitely don’t want, because we’re assholes), let’s see if we can’t find someone to man a possible football wing.

What we’re looking for: Someone who can write about the Bears and football the way we write about hockey and now baseball. While you have to be knowledgeable, expert even, we don’t want someone who can’t display that in an entertaining fashion. You have to have a voice along with knowledge. That doesn’t mean all Simpsons and Replacements references (though it can’t hurt), but your own style for sure.

You also have to be creative, and open to ways we can present game coverage and analysis and throughout the week. Anyone can do straight coverage. Not everyone can do it in the way we do things around these parts.

So is this you? Can you come up with unique expletives for Kirk Cousins? Can you fashion haikus about Khalil Mack? Will you write sonnets about Tarik Cohen? Or something to that effect? If you think you’re even close to this kind of thing, please email me at CommittedIndian@gmail.com, with “Bears Writer” in the subject line.

Let’s get nuts.

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