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Screaming at a wall: Blackhawks 1 – Canucks 1 (Canucks Win Pepsi Challenge)

Ahh yes, the late game wrap the next morning. What a fun time these things are. The Blackhawks kept up their impressive point streak to start off the season but for the second time in a row.. fell in the skills competition.

For all the hype we may put on these games, this one turned out to be a pretty lackluster affair. There were plenty of runs on Keith (too be expected and pretty understandable), strong play from both goalies, lots of awful power plays and then a silly little shootout


  • Luongo looked sharp throughout the game but the Hawks didn’t do much to make it too difficult for him. While the Hawks got the better of the shot totals again, they weren’t creating much traffic in front of the net. Luongo may be a headcase, capable of turning in some truly awful performances, but he’s also likely to steal a game. The Hawks simply didn’t do enough to make life difficult for him.
  • Continued solid play from Craw too. Still no more than 2 goals against in a game. As some of the hot play from the forwards begins to cool off, Crawford is the biggest reason the Hawks are still getting points in these games.
  • Saad continues to prove he belongs… and still has nothing to show for it. I’d want to say he’ll break out tonight and get his first goal against Calgary but that’s a bit much… how about just his first point this year?
  • Patrick Sharp got an assist on Kaner’s game tying goal but he also wins the award for least inspired performance.
  • We all know hit counts are bullshit, right? 6 to 22? Why do they even bother?
  • With all the penalties taken, especially in the third, the Hawks are lucky to have come out of this with a single point. The Nucks haven’t been great at the power play so far this season but they’ve still got Sedins and that made me a little nervous.
  • Bolland going down in the third was not a welcome sight. We’ll give him shit for his sub-par faceoff performance but the Hawks don’t really have a better option. They’re thin down the middle and if he misses time, it could become a much bigger issue.
  • OK – so we can talk about the shootout now. No – I have no idea why Leddy was chosen as the 4th shooter. Maybe he’s been good at it in practice? It doesn’t make any sense to put him out there before so many forwards. But it also doesn’t make sense to keep putting Sharp out there either. Does Q not realize he’s awful at these?
  • Oh well, on to Cow-Town

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