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Sailin On: Blackhawks 1 – Canucks 4

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I was thinking this morning that it was shocking how little I cared about tonight’s Canucks/Hawks match up. Then I read Sam’s preview and saw I wasn’t alone. Even worse, the rivalry is so dead that the broadcast crew – generally the biggest hypemen in the game – admitted that this was pretty much over. The Sedins just aren’t enough to carry over the hatred that was once there.  Bieksa was pretty much nonexistent. Even on the other side it seemed the Canucks faithful could only remember to boo Keith half the time he had the puck. And to be fair, he’s on the ice a lot and has the puck quite a bit. I would get tired of booing someone that much too. It was fun while it lasted but this rivalry is no more. It has ceased to be.

This is a long way to basically say that this was a boring as hell game. The Hawks looked every bit of a team that had played 3 in 4 days with the rest of the circus trip ahead of them. With ice times as evenly distributed as they were last night, you would have expected the Hawks to come out with a little bit more life. Hell, the standard narrative of these games is usually the team on the second end of a back-t0-back comes out strong in the first then fades. The Hawks didn’t even bother with that. Quiet right out of the gates.

The only aspect really worth watching was the stellar goaltending, particularly from Crow. The Hawks didn’t mount enough pressure to really press on Miller but the Canucks certainly had several chances that Crawford outright stole. Shame that he couldn’t have come away with a goalie win but that happens at times. Lets move on, forget this one happened and look forward to seeing Colorado (I team I’m really learning to hate more in the last few years) on Wednesday.

But first..


  • So I guess it wasn’t all negative. The power play actually did show some pretty decent signs of life. There was fantastic movement both with and more importantly without the puck. That will come in particularly helpful when a finish ends up being more than just a backdoor pass across the net that’s just barely in reach of a defending player. It was still a lovely spectacle to behold, even if it did only net a single goal.
  • Steeger’s play has also been quite an improvement. We always like to have a resident whipping boy (rightfully deserved or not) and Steeg has certainly been that guy for a while. He’s playing on a much better level lately though and that redirect was just beautiful for the Hawks lone goal . I’m not rushing out to go buy a Versteeg sweater – which I almost did when they re-signed him – but it’s pretty nice and could be a key piece for the team, especially once Sharp comes back.
  • Want to see the most ridiculous thing you’ll see in a while – click here.
  • I also really wouldn’t recommend clicking on that War On Ice link above – those numbers aren’t so pretty this time around. Maybe I should throw a NSFW tag up on there.
  • Speaking of the booing of Keith – has that always been a thing since his flying elbow routine? I don’t remember really hearing it much but maybe I just don’t listen in too closely or tend to catch these games at the bar where it’s hard to hear…
  • When Bonino hit a goalpost on an unbelievably wide open net, I actually thought the Hawks might steal a game they had no right to win. Oh well. Some of the Canucks goals were a bit on the lucky side but they still earned the victory tonight.
  • Like I said above, this one is utterly forgettable. Get some sleep and get ready for the usually entertaining Blackout Wednesday game.

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