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Point Taken: Hawks 3 – Senators 3 (Senators win Bull Riding Competition)

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I’m sure some air raid sirens are going off in the hinterlands of Hawk-dom, less than a week after everyone was beaming from a 3-1-2 Circus Trip. It’s now three “losses” in a row, even though the Hawks got points in two of them. But this wasn’t like the Kings or Wild, where the Hawks deserved to either get only a point or lose outright. They played well after the 1st, there were signs of life from Toews and Hossa, and yet more brilliance from Kane and The Sons Of Rasputin. This time however the penalty kill didn’t come through as it has, putting the Hawks up against it. And when you give Karlsson a look in overtime, no matter how much he doesn’t like the format, you’re pretty much asking for it.

A word on Corey Crawford here. Friend of the program Jay Zawaski on Twitter after the game was proclaiming how he didn’t like how Crow has looked lately and the Sens targeting short-side and his blocker hand. Both of Hoffman’s goals came on that side (though one was a one-timer Crow was never stopping), and Bobby Ryan went to the short-side for his power play goal. Crow did appear to move across a little slowly for both of them,, even though both were lazers. He speculated about carrying an injury. Crow was a bit slow on both goal against Minnesota, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Worth keeping an eye on for sure. The Hawks could ill-afford that.



The Two Obs

-There was some worry about Panarin coming into this one. The Great Russian Trendkill hadn’t scored in six and really was looking a bit pedestrian at times. Teams have taken away his cut to the middle from his off-side on the rush. He was staying on the perimeter about too much, not that he should become Dino Ciccarelli like Eddie O wants Teuvo to, but not seeking the puck as much. So it was good to see him this active and creating again, along with a great goal that had Curtis Lazar nearly having his intestines spin out of his body.

-This was close to Toews’s best game of the season if it wasn’t the best. The Sens don’t have the premier center to take advantage of Toews’s struggles this year, and if they do it’s Kyle Turris and they didn’t throw him out against Toews. Hence, he ran wild on Lazar. Hopefully the start of something big.

-The Hawks didn’t get much out of their bottom six again. I guess I get what they see sometimes out of Kero, who made a couple nifty passes to get the Hawks out of their zone. But for a team looking for goals anywhere outside of the second line, he sure doesn’t create anything offensively. Shaw basically can’t buy one right now when he isn’t taking moronic penalties and tonight he added the trick of his aimless skating running over one of his teammates. CatButt is CatButt. The Hawks have two players on the left side in Dano and Teuvo who have never played the left side before this season and it looks it. Still searching for answers there.

-Seabrook and TVR were on for one even-strength goal and one power play goal against. The even-strength came when they couldn’t clear their zone, and the power play one came from both of them staring at Stone while he waited for the puck to get under the crossbar to bat in. Both of these guys need a partner who is quicker. They’re not getting it from each other.

-When the Sens are here, the Hawks might want to consider not giving Karlsson space. He nearly ended the game in regulation with a rush up the ice and a dish, and then did so with the same in overtime. He’s really the only Senator you notice consistently.

The Hawks have five division games in the next six, and while their 1-3-1 record in the division might have some worried about a real slide here, I don’t think the Jets are any good, the Predators have scored like one goal in the past month, and we know the Avalanche stink. If the Hawks put forth this kind of effort more than the one they put out against Minnesota, they’ll be just fine.