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Player Usage Chart

Once again, our boy at HockeyProspectus.com Robert Vollman has dropped some knowledge on us:

Some quick notes on this. The ones in red(ish) are those in the negative for shot differentials when they’re on the ice. Blue is those in the positive. The size is obviously how big the difference is.

So what do we learn?

-Dan Carcillo is getting the sweetheart spot in terms of where he starts his shifts, and he’s still getting clocked. But…..GRIT! (Fart)

-Dave Bolland is getting massacred, though he is dealing with the toughest competition.

-Kind of neat how Leddy lands right between Rozsival and Brookbank, as one brings him up while the other one anchors him, no?

-Marcus Kruger appears to be doing the most with the least, as he’s gotten the Bolland-dungeon starts of the past couple years, and is making do with it.

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