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Nothing Else Matters: Blackhawks 5 – Lightning 6 (OT)

Oh hey. Looks like this thing is working again. I guess we might as well talk about the unexpected goal extravaganza we witnessed last night, yeah?

With 11 goals scored – I’m going to skip the usual breakdown of the periods. Last time the Hawks played the Bolts, it was a goalie battle as the Hawks outshot the Lightning by around 74 but Bishop was able to stand on his head and only let two past him. This time the Hawks were able to solve him… even his own team found a way to slip one past him. A disappointing loss, maybe, but it’s still a point on the road. Whatever. The game was such a weird affair that our picture service didn’t even bother to cover it.

Let’s just get to the bullets, shall we?


  • Despite the seeming back and forth adventure that this game turned into, it’s still pretty easy to say that the Hawks carried the play for large stretches of the game. 9 times out of 10, if the Hawks are scoring 5 goals (OK, 4 really) they are going to come out of it with two points easily. This just happened to be that 1 time.
  • It’s not fair to put all the blame on Harverybirdman, but I’m going to go ahead and put a lot of it there. It wasn’t the Hawks best defensive effort but 6 goals is pretty brutal.
  • I really enjoy watching Stamkos. He’s fun.
  • I know we’ve gone on about how the Hawks don’t really have a third period problem that we should be concerned about. But Shaw’s tip-in of Kaner’s shot was the Hawks first goal in the third period since opening night. Yikes.
  • Rozsival… dude. Have you not been paying attention to how Q runs this ship? You’re not going to get a lot of starts and when you do, you’re likely to only see the ice briefly. Taking two penalties is not going to help your cause. See you in three weeks.
  • The Hawks had 12 shots in the first period. The Lightning had 11 through the first two periods. It was usual territory for the Hawks to go into the third tied so seeing them keep pressure on Tampa Bay and continue to outshoot them was nice. Too bad it took such a weird turn.
  • Speaking of weird turn, that will likely be Toews’ easiest goal in his career.
  • Moms weren’t the only ones that made the trip down to Florida, eh? That crowd seemed like it was 70% red sweaters. Are Chicagoans traveling that well or are we just seeing casual fans adopting the Hawks?
  • Ben Smith was a -2 in only 6:50 of TOI. That’s also not really helping your cause here. Stop making us look bad for calling for you to play more.
  • You’d really like to see the Hawks take advantage of the absolute gimmie of that tying goal but sometimes things don’t really work out that way. You can still count the number of points the Hawks have failed to win this season on one hand though. I’m finding it hard to get too worked up about it.
  • Oh yeah, Work. I need to go do that. Sorry for the short recap. Talk amongst yourselves.

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