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New Items In The Committed Indian Store! – For The Drunk In Your LIfe


As you know, we’ve promoted a “lively” lifestyle on this blog for our entire six years. Well, now we’re actually going to help you with that (more than just Killion giving you free beer at his events, anyway. Or is that just me?). Our store has some new items as you can see, perfect for this holiday season where it’s so fucking cold you wouldn’t dare go outside and you need to do all your drinking in your own home. Let us help. We want to be there for you. No, really, we want to be there because we can’t afford our own because this fucking weather is destroying our sales and WHY THE FUCK DID I GET INTO…. sorry, that got away from me there.

Anyway, new times in the store. You should get them. All the t-shirts are available too. We’ve got new ones on the way as well. Keep your eyes peeled.

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