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Never Gonna Get Gonna Get It: Hawks 2 – Ducks 2 (Hawks win calf-roping)

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I made a TLC reference on Twitter earlier, so I figure I might as well throw En Vogue in now. I want to stay on message, after all.

It wasn’t vintage stuff from the Hawks. They were rolled in the 1st and didn’t even look all that threatening in most of the last two periods except for the odd shift from Kaner and The Sons Of Rasputin. What this afternoon did show is that the Ducks remain the Ducks, and no matter how good they might look for a stretch (and I’m sure some Ducks observers would say the first 50 minutes is about as good as they’ve looked all season), they’re still just good enough to fuck it up.

The Ducks had it under control, even with Crawford pulled. There was utterly no reason for Ryan “White Hats Are Still Cool To Me” Getzlaf to take that penalty against Shaw, other than he isn’t allowed to light his own farts on the ice. While the Ducks have the best kill in the league at the moment, you’re asking for it to give the Hawks a look on a two-man advantage to get back in the game. There’s no reason for it. And once the Hawks got it to 2-1, did you really doubt the Ducks would run around their own zone like a kindergarten game of football and the Hawks would find the equalizer? No, of course you didn’t.

You really couldn’t ask for a more clear illustration about the difference between these two teams. One will just find a way to insert thumb in its ass. The other still knows how to get it done when they need to.



The Two Obs

-Though the Hawks came out with the two points, they certainly did enough to lose by two or three goals, from the coach to the players. Sometimes Q hits the line-blender to just get things going. And sometimes he has to do it because he’s fucked up the lineup in the first place and has to fix it. Teuvo should not be on a Andrew Desjardins’ wing. Hossa should not be playing with Kruger. Toews with CatButt and Shaw may have fluked a couple goals the past two games, but it’s not an answer to any question anyone wants the answer to. And the Hawks looked about as disjointed in the first half of the game as you thought that lineup might.

Not that anyone will notice now.

-We’ll get to the good, but once again on the road Trevor Van Riemdsyk got his head handed to him on a platter with all the trimmings. He was again the worst possession player on the Hawks, and Kesler’s line all went +13 against him in terms of Corsi. At home he can be sheltered. On the road, three of four games on this trip he’s been a campfire in the middle of a dry windy cornfield. However long this audition as a 2nd pairing d-man was supposed to go has to be cut and Stan had better get on the phone to fix it.

-At least Trevor Daley is flashing in the offensive zone again. He’s not going to ever be good in his own (Perry worked him a few times today) but he can at least create some chances to make up for the ones he gives up. Now if he could only score one this year, we might be on to something.

-Ryan Kesler was actually afraid to fight Toews. Toews, who has never really won a fight in his career. Let’s all consider that before we get to the point that Toews shouldn’t be fighting at all. Sadly, Kesler got his revenge when Seabrook went all calvary charge to hit him and left TVR to deal with a 3-on-1 down low that Chris Stewart didn’t try to score on but did, which is the only way Stewart can score. The Hawks one a game where Chris Stewart scored against them.

-Somehow, WGN’s game presentation gets worse every year. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but here we are.

-Hossa and Dano look like they have something going together, and Hossa’s six individual scoring chances would be evidence. Just put Teuvo in the middle there and let Kruger do what Kruger does for like 10 games?

-Then again, Dano got the same amount of time as the completely useless Manshitter. Whatever point Q was trying to prove, he’s done it and enough with this.

The Hawks have played two good games on this trip. The one they shouldn’t have lost in Vancouver and the thorough victory in San Jose. But they’re 3-1-1, and could come home with another Circus Trip scalp with points tomorrow. All while their lineup still needs major settling and a few stars not firing. They’ll find a way. The Ducks won’t.