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Michal Michal Motorcycle: Hawks Re-sign Handzus And Rozsival

So far the Hawks offseason, when not soaked in booze, has been about not losing too much ground. And today they’d done that.

The Hawks re-signed their two Michals, Handzus and Rozsival. Both are on one year deals, which will be part of the continued plan next year as the Hawks will want to open up spots for kids (Danault at center? Clendening or Olsen on the blue line?).

The money for Zus is $1 million, or basically nothing. Handzus, if properly slotted and used, can be still be a pretty good support player. He can’t play 82 games and nor should the Hawks make him, and he really would have no business on the 2nd line other than spot duty. But he might allow Shaw to move to wing where he can make up some of the Frolik-Stalberg gap, can win some draws, and at least be Pirri-pissing-himself insurance.

As for Rozsival, he turned out to be the sneaky-effective signing we thought he might be, and as volatile as the #6 spot on your blue line can be, it’s probably safest to go with what worked before but not go over the top. If Rozie indeed only got another one year deal to stay, that’s fine. He’ll take some games off and will platoon with Brookbank again (or any Hog that pops up big time), and that’s exactly how it should be. We have seen for two consecutive seasons now with two different teams that in the crucible of the playoffs, Rozsival brings his best.

Only Kruger to bring back and to find another backup goalie, which might end up being Antti Raanta anyway.

Update: Rozsival got two years, but not really a huge deal unless the money is just ungodly stupid.


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