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Maybe Partying Will Help: TheCommittedIndian.com Launch/Blackhawks Season Opener Road Watch

I launched the site that became TheCommittedIndian.com in the summer of 2008. Why would you start a blog about a hockey team that few in the city seemed to care about in the middle of the summer? Because you’re an idiot.

We launched this particular site in the summer of 2012, just before a possibly (definitely?) crippling lockout that almost saw the NHL lose its second full season in recent memory. Why? Again, because we’re idiots. This is known.

HOWEVER! We’re very proud to announce that the NHL is once again starting up and we’re going to kick it off in a bigger way than we ever have before. We’re teaming up with Sheffield’s (one of the best craft beer bars in the country, just ask Draft Magazine) and Two Brothers (feel free to guess why) to announce our first road watch party for this Saturday’s season opener.

Short story – be there (3258 N Sheffield Ave) on Saturday for the 2:00PM start against the defending champion LA Kings. Long story – click below…

Festivities will start before the game around 1:00PM or so and we will be taking over the back rooms of the bar where we’ll be cheering The Men of Four Feathers. We’re still working out all the details but there will be beer specials of Two Brothers beers on draft ($3 pours of Cane & Ebel?) and in buckets (Red and Black Outlaw cans) for all to enjoy. There should also be specials of Sheffield’s amazing BBQ menu in addition to all the other amazing things they have to offer.

We’re pretty excited to partner with one of our favorite bars for this event and hope to make it a common event throughout the year. We can’t thank everyone enough for sticking around and reading us during the lockout… or just thank those that came back after it was over. So whether you’ve been reading our nonsense for years or you’ve only just started – we want you to join us on Saturday for food, beers, and most importantly, Blackhawks hockey. It’ll be a short year but fuck it… we’re gonna have some fun. Hope to see you there.

Let’s Go Hawks

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