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We Like To Watch – May 5th

Last night: Penguins 3 – 2 Capitals (OT)

It’s never a good sign when your goalie is bus-tossing the rest of the team, but there was Braden Holtby doing just that. I’m not sure how you don’t run over a team without Letang and Maatta at least in terms of possession, especially when the replacements are Justin Schultz and Derrick Pouliot. Trevor Daley had to skate big minutes and yet the Pens were not buried. That’s… that’s not good. I’m not sure the Caps are doing that much wrong but they’re certainly not doing enough right. They have one goal from the bottom six this series, and this was a team that spread out the scoring all year. It can’t buy a power play goal. Holtby’s been good, but he’s getting outplayed by Matt Murray who wasn’t in the league until two months ago. And it was the fill-in for Brooks Orpik who Brooks Orpik’d the Pens the winner last night, with a sweet set up from Mike Weber for Patric Hornqvist. Now we’ll see what they’re made of and if Barry Trotz can overcome his usual conservativeness and unleash the hounds. They’ve played scared of the Penguins on the counter attack, but they should be able to score enough being aggressive to overcome that. We shall see.

Tonight: Stars at Blues Game 4

So it’ll be back to Lehtonen I’m sure for the Stars tonight, not that it matters. What they’re going to have to do is stop sending every forward on the ice on the fly pattern and give their d-men some options on the breakout, otherwise they could have Juggernaut (bitch) in net and it ain’t gonna matter. Game 3 saw them get sliced open because their d-men had nowhere to go with the puck while their forwards were having a kegger on the other side of the red line. But then again, y’never know if Hitchcock will call off the dogs on the forecheck just because, but given the results of Game 3 I highly doubt even he could be that stupid.

But hopefully they’ll figure it out so Ryan Reaves will shut the fuck up. A 5th liner with a mouth who loves to hear himself talk in the press. Wonders never cease.

Sharks at Predators Game 4

The Preds were able to keep Thornton and Pavelski and quiet in Game 3, but as we’ve discussed a few times around these parts it’s Shea Weber’s inability to do that consistently that raises eyebrows. But they still should be able to take advantage of the Sharks’ third pairing, which absolutely blows and we really didn’t pay enough attention to the fact that the Sharks went out and got Roman Polak. And played him! On purpose! Not part of a bar bet! If Peter Deboer has any clue, and he does, his top four plays 50 minutes combined tonight.