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Like A Doll’s Eyes: Sharks 2 – Blackhawks 2 (Sharks Win Dance Marathon)

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For the fourth time in a row, the Blackhawks have dropped a game that goes all the way to a shootout. If that really upsets you, sorry. I still just can’t get too worked up about it. The only detriment to this game is that it ruins an otherwise solid performance from Crawford. In the second game of his return to the team, Crow put up a 40 save performance but wasn’t able to stop either shooter in the skills competition. So it goes on this frigid night.

While the Hawks are third in the league in shots against/game (27.1) they gave up 42 tonight and only amassed 35 of their own, which is actually a bit higher than their average of 33.1 per game. With a combined shot total of 77 shots you’d think we’d see players running around with their hair on fire.. instead we got a game where both goalies make the three stars and only one goal for the first 40 minutes. The Hawks were able to put together a comeback in the third but a nice pass from Thornton and a crosscheck from Burns ties the game.



  • OK – so this game was a bit of a snooze but Teuvo Teräväinen had assists in all three goals for Finland in the gold medal game. That’s something nice to look forward to, right?
  • You know things are going wrong when even Eddie and Pat are calling out your lack of time on ice. Bickell had an unreal 5:20 in this game. I haven’t seen shift charts yet but I’m not sure he even touched the ice in the third. I didn’t see what exactly he did but it certainly put him in Q’s shithouse.
  • The Hawks have only won 4 games that have gone to OT so far this year, the last one being at the end of November. That’s out of a possible 13 games, so not exactly a great record. As stated above, I’m not concerned about the shootouts but it would be a lot nicer to see that percentage go up a little bit.
  • Bollig grabbed the only penalty of the game with roughing in the first trying to start a fight with Brown. I’m not sure if this is because of two disciplined teams going at it (3rd and 4th fewest PIM/game) or because the refs just decided to really let things flow.
  • The picture above might be my favorite picture of Q that I’ve ever seen.
  • Stay warm out there folks.


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