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Kneel Down Ye Sinners To Streetwise Religion: Wild 5 – Hawks 3

I’m going to attempt this at this hour because I basically want to have nothing to do tomorrow. I think it’s apt, because a lot of Hawks played the game tonight in the same fashion. I find it funny that Joel Quenneville bitched so much about the effort against St. Louis, when tonight is a game he could completely lose it over and I really wouldn’t have a problem with it. Let’s see if we can’t suss it out.

-I’m not sure where to start, so let’s start with this idea: I want the UC to install a digital meter at one end that’s a maple leaf, and when full it is red. But with every lazy play or mistake by Brent Seabrook, it drains of color by a certain measure. That way, he can see how he’s pissing away his Olympic spot, and maybe he’ll get his head out of being fully lodged out of his rectum. Maybe they could hang pictures of Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, and Marc Staal next to it giving the thumbs up. I thought of this while watching how terrible Seabrook was tonight.

-While we’ve fully supported the idea of experimentation this early in the season, there comes a point where it’s detrimental. Michal Rozsival is at this point. So is Handzus, but they’ve come to realize that. I don’t like the message it sends when Sheldon Brookbank has been really solid his last three games, and Rozsival has been a coughed up hairball, and yet Rozie is sent right back out there after the worst game any Hawks’ d-man has played since Adrian Aucoin was grabbing his groin. Naturally, in the 2nd when the Hawks had gotten back into it and were rolling the Wild, Rozie took a full five minutes to complete a turnover to present Minnehaha with a chance they’d convert to basically keep the Hawks out of reach from then on. Why would Brookbank think he’ll be rewarded for his work now?

-I also find it curious that Q would hang Crow out to dry after the game in the same vain he hung Khabby out to dry (deservedly) in the press. Four of the Wild’s goals came from between the circles or lower. Just what is he supposed to do?

-Quite frankly, the whole top six was wonky and lazy tonight. Even Toews went off for a change that resulted in the Wild having a 3-on-2. Most of the energy the Hawks produced in the first two periods came from the bottom six.

-Speaking of which, Morin did more tonight than Ben Smith has all year.

-On the cancelled goal, I don’t understand how a Wild player diving into the net and pushing the puck with him doesn’t constitute more than a mere deflection. But I guess this is another discussion.

-While the power play managed a goal (not when it mattered), and looks better than it has, I’m still infuriated by its inability to out-man a kill on a board battle. Watch any puck that gets into a corner or the half-wall when the Hawks are a man up. They only equal the amount of killers there, when they should have one more. Kind of the point, isn’t it?

-Q also complained the penalty kill is giving up goals right off the faceoff. Funny, then why is Kruger taking that faceoff? And he was even when Handzus was not being clubbed in the ribs to be kept off the ice. And that’s just about the only thing Zus is able to do, no?

-Boy, give this Granlund an inch and he’ll take a mile.

-A problem Q hasn’t addressed, and it’s a problem he had in ’10-’11 too, is that he has two forwards fleeing the zone instead of one. As much as we might bitch about Seabrook or Leddy or Rozie committing a turnover, it’s not helping that they look up and find two guys 150 feet away looking for ya ha time. The Hawks need to break up ice as a unit, and they’re not.

-Anyway, that’s enough. I JUST CAN’T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH SUAREZ!!!

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