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Killed By Death: Hawks 7 – Yotes 5

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Well that got a little silly.

I don’t know that the Hawks played particularly well tonight, but they played well enough to let some awful Yotes goaltending (Anders Lindback is 6-7 and yet can’t see over or around a screen?) and cash in on some abstract officiating from Dan O’Hochuli (credit McClure on that one) before the Yotes could cash in on the same abstract officiating. They certainly turned off in the 3rd letting Arizona back into it, and the penalty kill gave up the cross ice pass far too easily. How checked in they were is up for debate. Feel like we’ll be having that debate a few times before the season is over.

There isn’t much else to say before we get into the nuts and bolts, so nuts and bolts here we come:


The Two Obs

-The story, at least for the first half of the game, was the Hawks’ power play netting three goals in the 1st. It was strange, because for the first 1:40 of the first power play it was simply atrocious. Then one Hossa pass, a Kane drop, and Keith scores. From there it was pretty simple, Seabrook and Panarin blasts/snipes with Anisimov in front. I don’t think the Hawks have discovered some secret new system, but you’ll take it when the other team gives it to you.

-The stats will say Crow only stopped 32-of-37 shots for an .865 SV%, and that’s not impressive. But in the 1st period and early in the 2nd he had to make some huge stops, and couple in the 3rd that kept it from becoming too interesting from where the Hawks’ stood. Familiar story. Crow plays well, the power play comes through, Hawks win. Usually when one of these two fails, they don’t.

-Erik Gustafsson ended up with an assist on Kane’s goal, was the Hawks’ possession leader, and ended +3. Just like his last stint, most of his good work comes when the Hawks are already established in the offensive zone and not in transition where they really need help. But that’s ok, because the Hawks have been missing the former as well. He’s certainly light on his feet and has the best offensive instincts of any of the tomato cans they’ve tried this season, and that includes TVR. I don’t know that causing a reprise of TVR-Seabrook is the best result from this, and they were once again clocked at even-strength. But hey, Q eventually gets there when he’s got the right pieces.

-I’m sure the thing Q likes about Phillip Danault most is his feet never stop moving. That’s what’s done in Marko Dano so far this season as well as Tanner Kero. The Hawks will accept some wayward direction from their skaters as long as they’re in motion. See Shaw, Andrew and Versteeg, Kris. I’m actually pretty interested to see him and Teuvo together more. God help us, it could be secondary scoring in the future.

-He didn’t get an assist on Desjardins’ second goal, but Teuvo’s look to set him up for the original shot was filthy. But please, let’s hear about how he has to charge into the crease more often.

-I realized tonight at this pace Marian Hossa won’t get his 500th goal this year. Didn’t everyone assume he’d have it by now? Let’s hope this doesn’t come true.

-The Coyotes are in 2nd place in their division. Just think about that.

-I’m going to go out on a limb and say Max Domi has slightly more skill than his dad.

-Toews and Hossa combined for 10 shots and four scoring chances at evens. The Hawks would like more of that.

About wraps that one up. Onwards.