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It's Just A Walk In The Park: Wild 2 – Hawks 5 (Hawks take 2-0 lead)

I know we only post a video in a wrap for a very certain occasion, but this felt apt. Whereas the Wild caused a few half-heart flutters in Game 1, this one very much felt like a boat race. Once Michael Frolik — and perhaps from here on out he should be referred to by his full name, “Playoff Dynamo Michael Frolik” — put the Hawks ahead in the first, there was never a moment where it felt like the Wild would catch them. And that’s how it played out.

Whereas Minnesota had a definite plan for Game 1 — keep the neutral zone tight, three lined up at defensive blue line, pack their own slot — in Game 2 it looked like they tried a couple different things. In the 2nd, you saw two forecheckers come flying at Hawks d-men, which put them off for a section of that period. But once they sorted that, the Wild looked like they were just about out of answers.

Meanwhile, the Hawks pretty much stuck with what they do, and never really had to vary from it. It resulted in just about as easy a win as the Hawks will probably see in these playoffs, however long they go.


-Some will say that Frolik’s two goals came off lucky bounces, and that’s partially true. But he’s not there to get them if he isn’t headed toward the net and damning the torpedoes. “You make your own luck” is a tired and often wrong cliche. But this would not be the first playoff game where the puck finds Fro, and that’s generally because his feet never stop moving and that’s better rewarded in playoff games where space is tight.

While no one wants to look to the summer and next year, I really won’t be surprised if Stan is totally comfortable letting Stalberg cash in somewhere else, sliding Fro up to his spot on the 3rd line, and confident that unit won’t lose all that much.

-Patrick Sharp’s two goals were good to see, but maybe his eight shots were more encouraging.


-Somehow, the CORSI’s are even more retina-burning from last night than they were from Game 1. You’ve been warned.

-Michal Rozsival and Johnny Oduya are having themselves a series, but that might have to do with Minnesota not having either the speed or size to bother them, respectively.

-Parise had seven shots? Six of them were on that one scramble, right?

-Crow looked better when called upon, even though he gave up one more goal in this one. Setoguchi’s shot was a lazer after Seabrook got caught on a bad pinch, and Scandella’s came through the Black Forest. But there was even less stabbing at the puck and more assured movement. Though I wish his snatching-way of a glove hand made me feel better.

-Some pass, Kaner. I really wonder if any other team is going to give him that much time ever again this spring. They shouldn’t, they’ll pay.

-Oh good lord, the power play. This “new” formation with Hossa or Kane or basically no one at a second point would be worth looking at if someone could figure out that nothing will work if no one moves. And it doesn’t work anyway because it doesn’t have a right-handed shot on the left side anywhere. While it’s not a great option, Sharp on a point is the best one the Hawks have, and get him to the Stamkos-spot. It isn’t all that hard.

Thinks that’s just about it. I’m pretty sure the Hawks are going to see the Wild’s best punch in at least the 1st period tomorrow. The X will be frothing, and it’s probably their last stand. Handle that, and we’ll be looking at handshakes pretty quickly.

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