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In Case Of Emergency

It won’t come as much of a surprise you all, but everything that’s gone on the past few days have killed a lot of motivation to write anything. That won’t last forever, but after days of true horror, true stupidity, and true loss — both in real world and in our little distraction world that’s supposed to bring us at least temporary joy and feeling but instead only brings frustration and weariness — it’s kind of hard to figure out what to say.

But at least in this very tiny corner of the world, we have to start planning. And seeing as how this blog only exists for you, we’d like you to help out.

With lawsuits and court cases making the inevitable seem only a matter of time, what would you like us to fill the idle months with here? Obviously, we’ll still update the Hogs and the Hawks prospects, and I’ll continue with the weekend viewing guides as best I can.

But there’s so much more to fill, and we’re open to anything. So today will just be a thread where you leave suggestions on what you’d like us to write about here when we have no NHL hockey to discuss.

No suggestion will be too absurd or silly. It most certainly doesn’t have to be sports-related. If you want Killion to come on here and talk about what beer he’s brewing at the moment at length, that’s cool. If you want detailed stories about the times my printer has made me cry or left me with toner imbedded in my scalp (in the perfect outline of my hand-print no less), I can do that.

Maybe it’ll turn out you won’t need or want us in the barren stretch that gets bigger and bigger in the mirror with each passing day. But we’d like to be part of it. Tell us how we can.

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