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How To Skin A Cat: Blackhawks 3 – Wild 0

I’m not sure if it was just me being in a shitty mood combined with a lot of annoyance at my local bar (Seriously, how do you fuck up the chant “Let’s Go Blackhawks”? And don’t you know the only acceptable chant is “Let’s Go Hawks”? AND WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CHANTING AT A TV?!?!) But was that perhaps the most boring playoff game you’ve seen form the Blackhawks in the past few years?

The Hawks weathered the early storm as the Wild came out with just about everything they could muster at this point. There was a lot of action in the Hawks end but not a lot of results. The Hawks grabbed the early lead off a pretty insane steal from Marian Hossa and a feed to Handzus. Zeus fired a shot on net that I guess hit Patrick Sharp on the way in. This was the only thing significant Handzus would do this game except for continuing to get murdered at the dot. 

Later on in the first, the captain would attempt to get his first playoff point this series on a hard drive to the net but lost an edge as Harding went for a poke check and ended toppling over onto the netminder. Harding was slow to get up and clearly looked in pain in the net for the remainder of the first. In the second, Hardin was replaced by Chareth Cutestory or whoever the hell is the Wild’s backup to the backup. He promptly let in a goal on the very first shot he faced and the game was pretty much done with. 13.


  • No word yet on Harding’s injury but it’s a damn shame to see him miss the game. Harding has been phenomenal for the Wild and kept them in games thus far. Losing yet another goalie is a pretty major blow, especially when they have to rely upon Darcy Kuemper. Oddly enough, Kuemper has most regular season games under his belt than Harding did. 
  • While the Hawks seemed to be in complete control for most of the game, they still did every thing they could to let the Wild back into it. Six power plays against is unacceptable in the playoffs. I know the Wild have yet to score on one but that’s no reason to let them have another go at it.Also, you’d hate to see the Hawks get cocky and think they’re always going to be this good on the kill in the playoffs. The Wild have been pretty awful but have you seen what the Sharks are doing on the man-advantage? Yikes
  • Meanwhile – the Hawks power play is only 1-for-whatever (too tired to look it up). Pretty safe to say this is not tape coaches will look to for advice on how to work a power play.
  • The Hawks first two goals came off pretty gnarly turnovers from Suter and Parise.
  • Attention Jonathan Toews – Bryan Bickell has 3 playoff goals this year already. Anytime you’re ready buddy.
  • Rozsival has been having quite a series but looked a step slow tonight.
  • Who is going to be more tired in the next few days? Suter (Who had about 20min TOI tonight) or Keith, who, if you didn’t hear it the 17 times they mentioned it, got almost no sleep thanks to the birth of his child. Children ruin everything.
  • Just kidding, congrats to the Keiths!
  • So did you all see Bieksa taking the dumb penalty to allow the Sharks to tie the game then win in OT? How fuckin’ great is that? Couldn’t have happened to a bigger choad.
  • We can expect the Daniel Carcillo experiment to be over now, right? What possible use could Q have for a player he skated only 3:55 and who still managed to take a completely inane penalty? The Hawks had clearly been relying on the ability to roll lines but a player he only sends out two times per period, sometimes for just a few seconds, is a wasted spot and unnecessary minutes for everyone else around him. NO MAS
  • Tonight’s CORSI numbers… not that great.
  • Crawford was outstanding tonight. Huge saves several times and well deserved shutout. Didn’t seem to lose his net and the rebounds were under control for the most part. MAS.

Player(s) of the Game:


Chicago Blackhawks Headshots


The penalty kill was just nails tonight. A huge part of it were these guys. I’m sick of giving it to the goal scorers. I like this type of game.

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