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The Hot Zone: Blackhawks 2 – Stars 2: Hawks Win Clash Of Clans

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Extra Skater… I think that’s dead? Bummer

Oh Christ. I guess I have to start writing this stuff again, huh? Very early apologies if I suck at it. I haven’t really been preparing for this. That kind of applies to my entire life though, doesn’t it? Even our goddamn editor has changed. NONE OF THESE BUTTONS MAKE ANY SENSE ANYMORE!!!

Sadly, that sort of also applies to how the Hawks seemed to approach their opening game as well, eh? (I still segue like a champ). In the opening moments, it seemed things would be even steven (stephen?)… but as the game progressed, things tilted more and more towards the Dallas side. And if anyone knows anything about me.. I hate all things Dallas. While Keith was able to grab the first goal of the season/game, it switched to all things Lone Star in the second and for a good part of the third.

One of the many many penalties, more on that later, ended up bringing things back to even before league sanctioned silliness gave Chicago a second point. By now, you should hopefully know how this works…


  • Good lord. Throughout the early parts of the game the Hawks could not wait to leave their own zone quickly enough. This might be beating an old drum but I’m hoping there might be one or two of you who are new to our whole schtick. If that’s the case, where the fuck y’all been?
  • Particularly early in the match, Hawks forwards were flying out of the zone and letting the mostly newly paired D-men to do it themselves. It didn’t bite them in the ass this time but it’s not something I hope to repeat in further viewings.
  • Speaking of further viewings… Dallas seems to have adopted the exact style that will forever give the Hawks fits. Like the Avs or Oilers, they are quick, they are tricky and they can turn the play around quicker than a Chicago cop handing out a ticket at an expired meter.
  • Morin got called for a penalty early on. It was a stupid unnecessary retaliatory one. I’m shocked we saw him hit the ice at all afterwards. That’s the exact sort of random bullshit that gets a guy in Q’s doghouse. He ought to know by now he has to be on his best behavior or he’ll be buried forever. Though he was skating with Carbomb at the time. What could really happen there? More on that jackass soon.
  • With as many penalties as we saw, I wasn’t sure if I was watching the Hawks or the Bears.
  • Fels mentioned this to me at the start but it became clearer and clearer throughout.. if Crawford goes down with an injury for any stretch, the Hawks are fucked. They really had no reason to be in this game, save for Crawford’s big saves. They could lose a forward (except maybe Toews?) or a defenseman (except maybe Keith?) and neither would have as big an impact as losing Crow.
  • Yes, I realize I basically just contradicted myself in that last bullet. Deal with it.
  • So what are we going to call Trevor Van Riemsdyk? My vote is TV Party. I might just be a big Black Flag fan. And yes, I realize every thing after The First Four Years is inferior. It’s still got a Repo Man reference going for it.
  • Do you really want us to start harping on minutes already? I mean, we can if you want. We can talk about Keith’s 29:40 or Carcillo’s 4:43… but I don’t think anyone wants to get into that just yet.
  • OK, I lied. Fuck Carcillo’s waste of a roster spot. What the hell is happening here? I noticed him once and that’s because the idiot at the bar was yelling about him not fighting someone. I hate everything about him.
  • Chicago was lucky to escape with a single point, let alone two. I guess we’ll see everyone on Saturday.

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