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Hello King Pyrrhus: Panthers 2 – Hawks 2 (Hawks win Odds And Evens)

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There would be more than enough to talk about in this one if there wasn’t one overriding issue. But seeing as how the Hawks’ entire season is hanging in the balance, there’s not much point in talking about much else at the top here.

From having watched enough of this, there are two outcomes tomorrow. Either Patrick Kane broke his collarbone and misses six weeks, which means he’s ready for Game 1. Or he completely busted it, needs surgery, is done for this season, and you can pack up the cats on this season. That’s what it feels like.

It just sucks. It sucks for Kane because this was his first real run at an Art Ross. And even maybe a Hart Trophy. You now what though? He’ll take another run at an Art Ross next year, or he would if he had a coach who doesn’t huff white out because Teuvo will be up permanently and centering the second line and it makes no sense to play Kane with Teuvo so Kane will play with Toews all year which means Toews will have his first 40-goal season and Kane wi… ok, I’m running on here.

For this season? Well let’s go under the assumption that Kane will return for the playoffs. If that is the case… then the Hawks haven’t lost much, in a way. Because let’s face it, they’ve already declared the rest of this season beneath them. They aren’t catching the Preds. Maybe they could catch the Blues, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to them. I suppose maybe the Jets could reel them in, except with both goalies backing up that’s not going to happen, even without Kane. The Hawks rare where they are and that’s it. I firmly believe they can cobble together enough points here on out to not get caught by the Jets, and even if they were Nashville might be the better matchup anyway.

Immediately? Well, the obvious thing would be to call up Teuvo, plug him on RW on the 2nd line because your coach already said he’s not a bottom six player, and let Versteeg provide scoring depth with Shaw and Bickell on the 3rd line. Because it’s so logical, it’s exactly what won’t happen. Carcillo will play, they’ll call up… oh I don’t fucking know, Mashinter or something and this site will cease to exist because all of us will have had a fatal aneurysm at the same time.

We’ll see. As for tonight’s game?¬†Considering what the Hawks have been doing lately, they were never going to turn it completely around in one swoop. As you’ll recall, after back-to-back shutout losses in San Jose and Minnesota, they played a defensively but unimaginative game in Winnipeg to get back to basics, and a not much more advanced one after that in St. Louis. So after everything that had gone wrong, and even though you wanted the Hawks to swallow a limited Panthers team whole and spit out the bones, that was never going to happen.

The first two periods were good enough, but the last was an example of a team that isn’t feeling to full of itself right now. You blow a two-goal lead that scored nine goals in its last seven. That can’t happen. You can’t be this much on your heels to a team that has problems coming at you. That’s the mark of a team very unsure of itself.

Some bullets:

-The bigger concern than Kane is that Michal Rozsival simply cannot play any more. We’ve been through this before with Q. Matt Walker. Nick Boynton. Jassen Cullimore. Mike Kostka. I could keep going. Rozsival is probably the worse. After having a hand in three goals against on Sunday, he lost a couple races for the first Florida goal and then got outworked by Scottie Fucking Upshall for the second. ENOUGH. This can’t happen anymore.

The Hawks are going to make a move here before the deadline. They can’t ship Rozie out to keep Q from playing him. but it has to happen.

-I know the meatballs will revel in Scott Darling’s shootout win, but I don’t see how playing that tying goal from behind your own goal line makes much sense.

-Marian Hossa, please stop looking for passes that aren’t there instead of shooting the fucking thing.

-If this was the Joakim Nordstrom we’d seen in previous games, I’d stop complaining.

-One last thing, and this is something I’ll get into more tomorrow or Thursday. There’s a lot of bullshit floating around the Hawks the past couple days. If a major injury to their best player this season doesn’t snap them back into reality, then something is truly broken here.

Enough for now, we’ll have more tomorrow when we know what we’re dealing with.

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