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All The Heavy Lifting: Blues At Blackhawks Game 6 – Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Spring Fling

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Game Time: 2:00PM Central
TV/Radio: CBC, NBC, RDS/87.7FM
Wondering If They’re Still Doomed To Repeat It: SLGT

By now, I’m sure you’ve read countless articles about the similarities between this current series and the Kings/Blues one from last season. Unless of course you only read this site for all your Hawks news, in which case, thank you, I guess. The similarities are pretty striking but don’t for one second think anything is a given in this game. While the Hawks record in elimination Game 6’s is stellar they must still focus on all the little things to fend off a team like the Blues who are going to be sure to throw everything they’ve got at the Hawks to bring the game back to St. Louis for one more go around.

Game 5’s big story line was the return of captain David Backes but it didn’t quite pan out the way St. Louis may have wanted it and that’s not at all surprising. The captain was on the ice for just over 20 minutes, recorded just one shot and was on the ice for two Hawks goals, including the OT winner. While Backes is almost certainly rushed back too early from a concussion, he’s still likely to be a factor in the game as he’s got TWTW that would make Harrelson pure giddy.

With Backes back, Game 6’s return is sure to focus on Seabrook as he’ll be ending his 3 game suspension and is sure to slot right back into he’s pairing with Keith. Seabrook has been an important factor in the series so far with 4 points in the two games before his illegal hit. While we’ve given Seabs endless amounts of shit this year, his ability to turn the play around with his passing rather than his skating is a factor that can’t be ignored. He’s improved as the year has pressed on and was looking very solid in his two games in the series before his bonehead attempt to hit Backes. The return of Biscuit could give the Blues a little bit more of the sandpaper we’ve come to know and love from them. I would not at all be surprised to see the Blues forecheck, which is already foaming at the mouth most of the time, ratcheted up a little higher when 7 is the on trying to bring the puck out of the Hawks zone. The Blues team we’ve seen now isn’t like the ones in the past and clearly hasn’t lost their heads even as the Hawks (specifically Marlboro 72) have given them every reason to do so. Since the Blues are now pushed into a corner, it’ll be all the more likely they’ll be looking for a chance to attack.

Outside of the reunion of Seabs and Backes, the rest of the game remains the same as we’ve been talking all postseason. The games have been won or lost by the thinest margins possible and by any rights, either team could have already won this series if things bounce a little differently. D-men maintaining composure when facing the Hawks forwards coming after them, smart plays by the forwards to get back and provide support and staying the hell out of the goddamn penalty box are all crucial for a win this afternoon. The Hawks always seem to improve as a series goes on though and they’ll need to do that if they hope to end it all today. Taking this game back down I-55 is a nightmare scenario, end it here.

Oh, and if you’re going to the game and buying a copy of our game day paper, make sure you wish Mr. Fels a very happy birthday.

Lets Go Hawks

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