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Hawks Face Caps In Winter Classic

Well, at least I know I don’t have to work New Year’s Eve this year.

Bob McKenzie was the first to put it out there, but it looks like the Hawks will be the visitor in an outdoor game for the first time as they will head to likely Nationals Park (outside shot of Camden Yards) on New Year’s Day to face the Caps in The Winter Classic.

It’s a strange choice in that usually the NHL has opted for something of a rival to play the host. Obviously, the Hawks and Capitals have no connection whatsoever. But NBC does like to guarantee its ratings, which the Hawks almost certainly do.

I’d like to believe as well that after the Leafs and Wings served up just about the most boring 24/7 possible, HBO begged the NHL to give them the very photogenic and television-ready Hawks. I don’t know how important that series is to the NHL, but if it is at all I’d like to think it played a small role.

While the game will of course be dogshit thanks to crap ice and whatever weather conditions come up, the HBO series should make for interesting watching and just to see how much the Hawks let in. Remember, both the Wings and Leafs caught flak for kicking the cameras out of the dressing room during games, and I’m sure McDonough is going to throw his back out trying to control whatever message he wants put out there. Still, we’ll be glued to every episode.

Back later today with more exit interviews.

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