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It's Hard To Explain: Blackhawks 5 – Stars 4 (OT)

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You’ll have to help me out here. I’m not actually sure if this was a fantastic back and forth game played by two teams that very likely could meet up in the playoffs… or if this was a somewhat sloppy affair full of bad turnovers, odd goaltending and plenty of odd-man breaks by two teams that very likely could meet up in the playoffs.

As is now their wont to do – the Hawks let the opposing team take the first goal of the night as Saad was stripped of the puck just past the blue line. Seguin would have a shot kicked away by Crawford… unfortunately that kick went right to Jamie Benn who put it into a wide open net. From there – we got a ping pong match of a game. Dallas took the lead 4 times and gave it up 4 times. Of course, that also stat also would look bad for the Hawks if it wasn’t for Keith’s beauty of a pass to Sharp in OT. It’s also why I’m leaning towards calling this an exciting yet sloppy game.

Lets hash it out more after the jump

  • So no doubt, the first thing we’ll want to talk about is Teravainen. His first shift of the game actually saw him make a couple nice passes and look like he could have a major impact. The second shift saw him commit a giveaway in his own zone.

    Somehow, Tivo ended up on the second unit on the power play for the Hawks first attempt at it. Knowing Q’s handling of young players it was something of a surprise. It wasn’t at all shocking to seem him pretty much stapled to the bench in the third though. Tivo ended with just over 10 minutes TOI and a decent effort for his first game out on the season. His lack of any real production makes him a giant question mark for Tuesday’s game. It’s anyone’s guess if it’ll be him or Car Bomb in the press box against the Avs. You can guess that everyone on this site is rooting to keep Tivo on the ice.

  • For as many turnovers as there were in this game, there was also some insanely pretty passing. Saad, Kane and Sharp all had their goals set up by outstanding passes from Toews, Sharp and Keith, respectively. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.
  • The Stars PK continues to be suspect lately. Even with their struggles, it took an amazing keep in by Seabrook and a mishandled puck by Lehtonen to get the Hawks the PP goal. Lately it has been Keith with the heroics to keep the puck in the zone but Biscuit beautifully played a puck that was really had no business staying in the offensive zone for the Hawks. Nice little redirect from Bicks too.
  • Speaking of Lehtonen – he probably wants to forget that one from Richards ever happened, right? That has to be one of the luckiest goals we’ve seen in a while.
  • Hell of a game from Sharp who found himself back in the top 6 again. Goal, assist and 6 SOG to lead the team.
  • The Stars have 6 players on the team whose first names starts with a “J”. That just seems like a lot, doesn’t it?
  • This was only the second game the Hawks have won in OT all year (not counting shootouts). At the start, it looked like the Hawks were actually giving a shit with a couple great chances right off the puck drop. Thankfully, Crow was able to make a recovery and save off a horribly played puck that almost gave the Stars the game. That pass from Keith to Sharp was as pretty as it gets which just goes to show that just because you try that slap-pass 1,000 time with out any success doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Way to stick with it Duncs!
  • I wanted to take a second and send our best wishes to Matthew Wuest who is the founder and director of Cap Geek. Cap Geek is no more due to Wuest’s health lately. We’ve used that site on too many occasions to list and has been one of my favorite websites to play around on for quite some time. Your work will be missed and we send you all our best thoughts.
  • RIP Stuart Scott

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