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So That Happened – Hawks 2, Rangers 2 (Rangers Win Dr. Mario)

This was the last pre-season game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the the New York Rangers.

  • So Teuvo is in all likelihood going to Winnebago County. He probably deserves to be here, but the Hawks cap situation is fucked up that they only played him twice in the pre-season (and had the cover of an injury) despite the fact that he’s clearly NHL ready. He assisted on Kane’s power play marker and had the only shootout tally against King Henrik. Aside from that, despite being light in the ass, Teuvo has a throbbing hockey brain and it’s pretty evident even watching a pre-season dry hump like this. Watching him away from the puck reveals a preternatural wisdom about positioning that belies the Kane comparisons. Yes, the hands are there, but Teuvo projects way more of being Diet Datsyuk and the nuance to that style of game than Kane’s dick swinging bombast.
  • David Rundblad and Kyle Cumiskey. If this is the alternative to Nick Leddy, no thanks. Cumiskey is completely hopeless anywhere behind the center stripe, but Rundblad could end up working out, but he’s still a project. If he doesn’t, it’s a good thing he’s pretty. 
  • Dan Carcillo sucks and offers nothing. He dressed in one pre-season game for the Hawks. Jeremy Morin has a scorer’s touch and a bordering on detrimental willingness to engage physically and played in all six. Guess who probably suits up on the fourth line on Thursday?
  • Andrew Shaw centered Brandon Saad and Patrick Kane once again and the results were pretty solid.  Don’t let them fool you. Andrew Shaw is not a center, no matter how badly Joel Quenneville wants him to be. But he might be a better fit for Kane than Brad Richards, because he gets the hell out of the way and gets to the net, and doesn’t need the puck to be effective. This is precisely why we’ve been screaming that the lines that have been trotted out in practice as the top six (10-19-81, 20-91-88) are malformed. Swap the centers there and it’s a far more palatable option.
  • Ryan Malone likes to party. 

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