Game #9 – Hawks vs Hurricanes: Lineups & How They Were Built


Notes: We’re guessing after Coach Gemstone specifically said the lines weren’t the problems, it would look awfully stupid for him to then change the lines. So you’ll get what you’ve been getting…Could save Crow for the easier assignment of the Kings at home, but we think they’ll just go with a straight rotation here…would not be a huge shock to see Erik Gustafsson scratched, as he’s been terrible and an easy whipping boy…


Notes: Canes have been dressing seven d-men for the past few games, so hence the goofy lineup…boy those seven goals from Haula would have looked nice here, huh?…There was talk at practice yesterday of switching Nino up with Staal and putting Our Special Boy back with Aho, but we’ll have to see today…Reimer has been bette than Mrazek so far and they have split the starts so it would be Reimer’s turn today…

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