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Game #68 – Hawks vs. Stars Douchebag Du Jour: Razor, But Only Because He Likes It

No, seriously, he does. He’s even told us that it was an honor to be named Douchebag Du Jour once. It’s probably our greatest accomplishment. Scratch that, it definitely is.

If it were any other sport, Daryl “Razor” Reaugh would probably be the leading national analyst. He is what Charles Barkley used to be, which is funny, forthright, but also informative. Barkley gave up on the latter long ago, and the first adjective is fading unless he’s drunk (which, to be fair, he usually is). Reaugh uses the most colorful language around, and while it may feel it’s just for affect like Clyde Frazier, it’s just to gussy up some pretty spot-on analysis of a play or team. Reaugh hasn’t ever been afraid to criticize the Stars themselves, which is something of a rarity for hockey analysts.

Reaugh also has the rare claim of sliding from the color role to the play-by-play during Dave Strader’s illness, and he wasn’t half-bad doing a job he really hadn’t ever trained for. He’s slotted back now where he belongs, and remains one of the more identifiable faces of the Stars organization. If the Hawks ever do get around to firing Olczyk for actually being critical of the team and management for once, there’s only one name we’d put forth. And it’s also the one they’d never, ever consider.

But this being hockey, Reaugh’s uniqueness and joie de vivre will never see him rise to the ranks of Eddie O or Pierre McGuire (we assume Razor doesn’t like standing that close to people). There was a time you’d find him on NBCSN playoff broadcasts, but it’s been years since that happened (perhaps his choice). Instead we get Jeremy Roenick’s slowly-swelling head filling up our screens, and Roenick is only trying to be what Reaugh already is. Also Reaugh uses words that 75% of hockey analysts can’t spell (not that 100% convinced Razor can spell them all either, but that’s half the fun!).

The most disappointing thing about Stars-Hawks games is that they’re the four or five Stars games we can’t listen to Razor for, and we’d give anything to know how he’d describe Gustafsson’s or Forsling’s or Seabrook’s defensive play. We’ll just have to move. It would be worth it.


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