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Game #61 – Hawks vs. Red Wings: Lineups & How Teams Were Built

Notes: Brendan Perlini was sick and missed the morning skate, and is being called a gametime decision. One thinks this allows Chris Kunitz to come back in either way…Delia has probably played himself out of splitting starts, though with Crawford’s timetable still nebulous, you don’t want to ride Ward too hard either. Maybe Friday against the Avs, a team Delia has already beaten twice, will set him right…with the last change you would think the Wings would want Larkin’s speed out against Anisimov as often as they can get it, so Coach Cool Substitute Teacher is going to have to save that line for on the fly changes or offensive zone ones…Forsling and Gustafsson together again, everybody duck….

Notes: Been a bit of a reshuffle in the lines, as Bertuzzi and Mantha have joined Larkin, punting Abdelkader to the fourth line where he belongs. More speed there now, though why they won’t just pair Anathasiou and Larkin is a mystery, as that would be just about unplayable…Trevor Daley is back, so morons can pine for him as if he would have fixed the Hawks the past couple seasons…next week the Wings could be stripped of Howard, Nyquist, Vanek, and a few others if they’re lucky…


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Lineups & How Teams Were Built

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