Game #57 – Hawks vs. Canucks: Lineups & How They Were Built


Notes: We’re assuming this bullshit with Strome is over after one game and he’ll slot back in for a game the Hawks simply have to have. Then again, they had to have last night and here we are. Fuck, maybe he’ll even be put back at center which is, y’know, the position he plays!…It’s funny that the same day the Sun-Times wrote an article about how Dach has earned Colliton’s trust, his line continues to get clocked possession-wise as Tippett was able to get Draisaitl out against him a ton. That’s no knock on Dach (HA!), because he’s a goddamn teenager and the learning curve is steep. It’s a knock on Colliton and what he’s looking for…


Notes: Pretty long injury list for the Canucks, as Boeser won’t make the bell tonight along with other depth forwards. But then McDavid not playing didn’t fucking matter, so whatever…Miller is on a real heater right now, with 20 points in his last 17 games and a strong case for the Selke…Horvat has killed the Hawks lately, with six points against them in the last five games between the teams…

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