Game #56 – Hawks vs. Oilers: Lineups & How They Were Built


Notes: Hawks obviously don’t skate in the mornings anymore but we assume Lehner will swap out with Crawford going tomorrow in Vancouver, especially after a loss…With no McDavid, all Colliton has to worry about is Draisaitl, Harder to manage that on the road, but see if he tries to get either Carpenter or Toews out against him, or if Tippet is keen on getting him out there against Dach or Kampf’s line as well…Boqvist could have played in Winnipeg it seems, so we expect him to go tonight. And the Hawks need him…


Notes: Boy, this is a rough looking bunch without McJesus. Haas is the most likely to slot up to second line duty, but it could be anything. Only one line to watch out for now…Nurse is about to sign a two-year extension to take him to UFA, which ruins that dream for us again…If Gagner has another eight-point night the Hawks need to fold…Koskinen could go but Smith has rattled off a couple wins here so we expect it’ll be him…

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