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Game #55 – Canucks vs. Hawks: Lineups & How Teams Were Built

Notes: Coach Cool Youth Pastor should be targeting the bottom six of the Canucks, because it SUCKS. With last change, get your top lines out against them as much as you can, and see if Kruger and Saad can’t deal with Horvat or Pettersson. It’s worth a shot…Pettersson hasn’t stopped, with 23 points in his last 18 games…Roussel has four points in his last three games, and makes a habit of scoring against the Hawks…with Demko hurt Markstrom is going to take just about every start…Stetcher has been sneaky good metrically, hopefully the Canucks underrate and lose him somehow…

Notes: Kampf’s injury is bigger than you might think. He and Saad had dominated possession with unfriendly zone starts, and it’s a real question that Kruger can hold up his end of the bargain, though Edmonton was a good start…Forsling comes back in for Dahlstrom, which makes you wonder who CCYP is going to throw at Pettersson, and pray to god it’s not Keith and Seabrook…Delia and Ward are apparently just going to swap starts, which probably isn’t the worst way to bleed Delia into the league but you know at some point Ward is going to go Cam Ward…Saad has seven points in his last seven…


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Lineups & How Teams Were Built

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